Old sawmill
ARTC Solution has along history, it all started 1945 and have moved on and modernized our business. It all started with a small sawmill in Sweden and is now in to the third generation. Today focus lay on international trade with lumber and Wesaborgs sawmill machinery. In the near future we plan to grow our operation to include a full production sawmill line in USA that will act as our demo mill. Together with our partner in Africa we are working on building a sawmill in Cameroon to increase our trade in tropical lumber. In local arias we continue with forest management, forest harvesting and consulting. Consulting in international trade, streamlining sawmills and build away bottlenecks, purchase of forestland and management of your forestland. If you thinking about starting in foresting or a sawmill we will help you from start of the idea, with free consulting, to a complete solution. 
In our own mills we produce by the concept "From logs to ready to sell kiln-dried planks and boards". 


The seeds that grow into saplings, and grow into trees that are managed and nurtured for 70 years before they are harvested – that’s what we call a long-term approach. The billions that we invest in our mills to enable continued growth in global markets – that’s what we call a long-term approach. We will continue to develop our existing products, but also increase our focus on further processing and innovation. Our aim is to find climate-smart solutions in every stage of the value chain – from forest to customer.