Our updated website is up, finally!

02.10.20 03:47 AM Comment(s)

After some trouble, our updated webpage is now online and working worldwide. 

ARTC Sawmill in Sweden
First things you see will be a liter coloring and layout for easy reading. 
Second thing is that we changed the way we do customer assistance. 

Why the changes? The key reason is that we changed ERP system so that we can better serve our clients. For example, you will at the end of this month be able to track your business with us online directly in real time. If you have question about grading, shipping terms etc. as a client we will provide you with all that information, and more, online. 

Another change is that we will stop drown our clients with newsletter for every blog update. A new blog will come monthly so if you want daily updates on the blogs, we suggest you add “https://www.artcsolution.com/blogs/feed” to your RSS Feed. 
Newsletter with come monthly and when we have some important news to report on. 

For you out there that look for new opportunities we will at the end of this month also enable you to apply for job openings online as well as send us your CV and interest even though we might not have any openings.

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