ARTC Solution Inc.

ARTC Solution Environment Policy

ARTC Solution have over the years always strives to ensure that our activities should take into account the environment and by all means avoid any damage to the environment in which we are active.

All industries within the Group, in accordance with applicable certifications and other environmental regulations, and we have been working closely with local authorities to streamline our activities on the environment and develop our environmental awareness both among employees, customers and suppliers.

Environmental policy

ARTC Solution’s sawmills will produce sawn and planed wood. This should be done according to what is technically and economically possible, so that we affect our environment in the least possible way. An active preventive environmental work is an essential part of our business. Concrete objectives, documented procedures, systems for monitoring and evaluation, prevention of pollution and improvements is to be included as an element of control of our business.

To achieve this, the company’s chairman, management team and employees will:

  1. Keeping abreast of and always follow the laws and requirements.
  2. Through education, everyone in the company to continuously work to achieve set targets.
  3. Requiring that suppliers are environmentally conscious and able to deliver products and materials with minimal negative environmental impact at a reasonable cost.
  4. Through active environmental commitment promote continuous environmental improvement of the company’s direct and indirect environmental impacts.
  5. Always select environmentally friendly products and materials, and promote good waste management and recycling.
  6. All environmental work should be transparent to employees, to the relevant authorities and the public.
  7. We shall comply with applicable legislation and follow PEFC’s requirements and intentions, and as far as possible make sure that the raw material does not come from illegal or unauthorized harvesting and key habitats. We will responsibly fulfill our commitments towards employees, the community, the environment and contractors.

Dover 2017-06-24

Anders Ranebo

Chairman, ARTC Solution