Fees for meetings & consulting are due on the required service. We do not operate an account in arrears facility. In some circumstances, we reserve the right to request payment in advance for certain treatments. Payment methods accepted are:
· PayPal · Debit/Credit Card including American express ARTC Solution does not accept any payments by cash.
Please note that unpaid accounts are routinely referred to a Debt Collection Agency or the Small Claims Court, and we reserve the right to recover all costs incurred in doing so. Cancellations and Failed Appointments: We require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for cancellation of any arranged appointment. When we schedule an appointment for a client, we are booking the consulting time. Failure to give the appropriate notice of cancellation will result in a Failed Appointment Fee being charged. This fee is proportionate to the length of the appointment failed and is to cover the cost of the consultants’ time wasted.
Failed Appointment fees must be settled before any other appointment is offered. Please note that we can accept notice of cancellation by e-mail, text message, or answer phone message.

Continuity of Consulting
It is our policy for each client to see the same consultant on a continuing basis, to provide proper understanding of your request. Patients may choose which consultant they would prefer to see routinely. If, for any reason, a client's consultant is not available when required, then arrangements will be made for the client to see someone else within our organization that time. Changing consultant within the ARTC Solution on a permanent basis can be arranged upon written request.

Late cancellation or missed appointments:
ARTC Solution Inc. reserves the right to charge up to US$150 per hour or equal to the amount of your appointment, in the event of a missed appointment or an appointment cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Personal Details:
If you lose your personal details, they can be revived buy telling us your safety code. This way we can, if loss of data occurs on your side, we can still recreate it on our side. If you require it.

Complaint’s policy:
At ARTC Solution Inc. we always take complaints about any aspects of our services or products very seriously, in order to ensure that every client has only the very best experience at all times.
Complaints can be made by email. Every complaint will receive immediate written/email acknowledgment, and the Management will strive to resolve the complaint within a quick, reasonable period (usually about 3 days). For our full complaints procedure and policy, please ask a member of our organization.

No tolerance/Abuse policy
We operate a zero-tolerance policy to abuse to our staff, loud/disorderly/drunken behavior, persistent missing and late cancellation of appointments (after multiple warnings). In these situations, ARTC Solution Inc. reserves the right to refuse service and admission.

Data Protection Act:
We store all patient personal details on a secure computer system in accordance with the Data Protection Act. All information like is saved in a secure location provided by Zoho One plan with full Zoho security.